Posted by: wellingtonsolidarity | September 22, 2010

Update – 22 September 2010

Weekly JB-HiFi picket – Organised by Unite! Union (Note change in time)
Thursday 23rd September
Outside BNZ Centre in Willis Street

Support the ongoing struggle of JB HiFi workers!

JB-HiFi support action – Organised by Wellington Workers’ Solidarity Network
Thursday 23rd September
Wellington Railway Station
Leafleting the Wellington Railway Station

Wellington Workers’ Solidarity Meeting
We will meet at Wellington People’s Centre and then go to Enigma Cafe (previously Espressholic)
Tuesday September 28th, 7pm
Draft Aims of the Wellington Workers’ Solidarity Network

* To support workers fighting against injustice, for better wages, conditions and workers rights against both bosses and governments.
* To build links between workers across different workplaces and industries, both inside and outside of trade unions, and between employed and unemployed workers struggles.
* To encourage and support the growth of strong, self-organised, active, workers organisations.
* To organise ourselves in a way that is directly democratic, but that allows quick decisions to be made in relation to disputes when necessary by way of a recallable, mandated, delegates. This includes having no formal ties to any political party, union or ideology.
* To maintain a large database of supporters and to mobilise them via text message, phone trees, emails and a website when their support is required at workplace actions.



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