Posted by: wellingtonsolidarity | November 24, 2010

Quick update

Hi all, sorry this website has not been updated for a while. This is just a note to let you know we are still going, having meetings and offering solidarity in various disputes. We’ve attended the big nationwide rally against the new employment law changes (about 5-6,000 in Wellington), attended pickets against the use of the 90 day fire at will bill and helped out with strike support for striking JB Hi-Fi workers and bank workers. Although it’s been pretty disheartening with the debacle of the Hobbit dispute, and that the 90 day fire at will bill has passed today, allowing all bosses to fire workers in the first 90 days of employment with no reason given, the nationwide pickets organised a while back by Solidarity (Auckland) against Burger Fuel showed us that we can at least stop some businesses from using the new bill. It shows us that the tactics of placing pressure on bosses can get results. Stay tuned for our next update. We’ve planned an action to support the JB Hi-Fi workers soon.



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