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Almost half of NZ workers want to quit


Wonder why so many of us wanna quit? Could it be horrible bosses perhaps?


Almost half of workers want to quit

Almost half of Kiwi workers want to quit their job in the next year, many because they’re sick of the systems and processes in their office, a survey shows.

The study of 7100 employees in New Zealand and Australia has painted an alarming picture of unhappy workers and frustrating workplaces.

Of those questioned, just 40 per cent were satisfied with their job, and 45 per cent were planning to look for another role in the next 12 months.

Only a third said they would recommend their employer.

James Garriock of Insync Surveys said the results were great news for head hunters but “scary” for employers.

Employees top gripes related to systems and processes, a frustrating reality for many workers, “but most people don’t know what other organisations offer in this area”, Mr Garriock said.

The best employers were those that offered the most attractive pay, benefits and conditions, followed by those that allowed their employees to have a better work-life balance.

The company’s reputation, once a key driver, was now not so important, he said.

The results are part of Insync’s Dream Employers Survey, which listed Google followed by Air New Zealand, Apple and Kiwibank as the companies New Zealanders would most like to work for.

The two New Zealand companies in the top five are both favoured for their culture and reputation.

Kiwibank chief executive Paul Brock said the organisation prioritised happiness in the workplace.

“We know how much time people spend in their lives at work, so it is important to us that they really enjoy their experience at Kiwibank,” he said.


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