About Us

We currently experience the lowest rate of strikes and industrial action in our history. The law has severely constricted industrial action. Any industrial action taken outside these strict laws can lead to unions copping massive fines, or suspension/instant dismissal of workers.At the same time, there is clearly a need for industrial action. We work some of the longest hours in the ‘developed’ world. Our real wages keep decreasing, so profits soar. Unemployment and the cost of living keeps increasing, so our debt deepens.We have formed a workers’ solidarity network in Wellington to support workers to fight for better wages and working conditions. We aim to build links between:

• workers across different workplaces and industries, both inside and outside trade unions.
• employed and unemployed workers struggles.
• the community and the workplace.

We aim to support workers to creatively get around these laws, and aim to win workplace struggles by generating effective community solidarity and publicity (see over for our aims).

Get Involved!

• If you want to join our e-mail and text message list, please e-mail us on wellingtonsolidarity [ at ] gmail.com. We will send out texts and emails when your support is required at workplace actions.

• You’re welcome to attend our meetings. Contact the above email address for details.

Aims of the Wellington Workers’ Solidarity Network

• To support workers fighting against injustice, for better wages, conditions and workers’ rights against both bosses and governments.
• To build links between workers across different workplaces and industries, both inside and outside trade unions, between employed and unemployed workers struggles, and between struggles in the workplace and in the community.
• To encourage and support the growth of strong, self-organised, active, workers’ organisations.
• To organise ourselves in a way that is directly democratic, but that allows quick decisions to be made in relation to disputes when necessary by way of recallable, mandated delegates. This includes having no formal ties to any political party, union or ideology.
• To maintain a large database of supporters and to mobilise them via text message, phone trees, emails and a website when their support is required at workplace actions.

phone: 0221062046 – text or leave a message, and we will get back to you.
e-mail: wellingtonsolidarity@gmail.com
website: https://wellingtonsolidarity.wordpress.com/





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