Similar groups overseas:

Seattle Solidarity Network – a US group that has won many fights against bosses and landlords

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty – a group based in Canada that also has won many struggles

Melbourne Workers’ Solidarity Network

UnionSolidarity – a now defunct support group that was based in Melbourne. They held many successful ‘community assemblies’ outside workplaces that put heaps on pressure on bosses.

Brisbane Solidarity and Mutual Aid Network – aims to collectively confront abusive behaviour committed by landlords and bosses.

Similar groups in NZ:

Auckland Solidarity – ‘We are a volunteer network of people who defend our rights against greedy bosses, landords and the rich through collective action and mutual support.’ Group is now defunct. Organised a successful nationwide action against Burger Fuel’s use of the 90 day fire at will legislation.

Otautahi Solidarity Network – a fighting working-class organisation in Christchurch/Otautahi using collective direct action against various attacks by the govt. and bosses against us, and the inadequate relief for the Christchurch quakes.



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